I May Not Be The Right Mentor For You!

I just may not be your cup of tea!

Over the past four decades I have learned so much from so many great guides and mentors; learning that has You are not my cup of teamade both my business and personal lives so much richer and rewarding. I am so grateful for all these people and this learning and I am passionate about sharing it with as many people as I possibly can through my coaching and mentoring so that they too can enjoy enriched lives.

However, my passion to share with as many people as I possible, has paradoxically, actually limited the number of people that I reach with my message. By trying to attract as many people as possible, I have been inadvertently diluting my true message for fear of frightening some people off.

The result of this was that my watered down message was only attracting a minority of my ideal clients. It also attracted clients who were not my ideal. Although my work with these clients was mutually very beneficial, it was not inspirational. The reason for this was that I could only connect with these clients at the level of head, not at the level of heart and soul.

I now accept the fact that, if I am to carry out my soul’s mission in this life, that I will not be everybody’s cup of team, and that is alright.

I have come to realise that success is not all about numbers. It is about the quality and depth of connection with other souls. Not all people will be ready to work with me.

So, who are my ideal clients?

They are heart-led men and women who want to make a positive difference in the world.

They will have started on their spiritual journey and will want to integrate their life and their business into this journey.

They want their lives and their businesses to leave the world better off than they found it.

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