The World Needs MORE Conscious Enterprises

The world needs more conscious entrepreneurs running conscious enterprises. Because I am passionate about this, over the coming weeks I will unveil a simple, yet powerful, seven-step process that I have developed for creating viable conscious enterprises of any size in any business area.

Creating Your Vision

In this post I introduce the first of the seven steps, which is Create your vision and hold it with passion.

When I say Conscious Enterprise I mean an enterprise that operates in a way that everything it does always serves people and the environment or, if you prefer, humanity and the planet.
What is a 'Conscious Enterprise'?
The first step in creating a conscious enterprise is Create your vision and hold it with passion.

Every conscious enterprise starts off as a vision in the mind of the founder. Developing such a vision might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In this post I describe a simple, yet powerful approach that will enable anybody to create a clear vision for an enterprise that will serve humanity and the planet and also enable the creator to live the life of their dreams.

How do you go about creating and holding such a vision?. Well there are two techniques that I use and I find they’re really powerful. The first of these is called IKIGAI. It’s a Japanese term meaning Purpose of Life and the second is my Five Key Questions. Let’s look at the first, which is IKIGAI.Diagram on IKIGAI - the Japanese 'Purpose of Life'
In the diagram above you can see that IKIGAI has all to do with doing something you love doing, something you’re good at, something the world needs and doing something that you’ll get paid for. This diagram brings them together so beautifully and, in the middle, the red spot is the Sweet Spot where you are living the purpose of your life. If you’re in there, running a conscious enterprise, you and the whole world will benefit.

Now the next technique I use is again very powerful, it is Five Key Questions, which are:

  1. Who do you want to work with? This means who are the people out there in the world that you want to help. Is it homeless people? Is it people who are trying to improve their health? Is it people trying to improve their education? Is it people trying to set up conscious businesses?
  2. What are you going to do for them? Are you going to train them? Are you going to support them? Are you going to help them to network with other people?
  3. How Are You Going To Do This? So, you know who they are, what you’re going to do for them and the How question helps you to actually create your products and services that will support what you want to do.
  4. How are YOU Going to do it Better? You can have products and services but, if you really want to help people, you ought to be making your products and services much better than anyone else offering similar. Now that’s not just about fame and fortune. Yes, of course you’ll benefit and make it more profitable for your enterprise and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t (as long as you are not a not-for-profit) but it’ll help the people you’re supporting because it will do it much more effectively. It will waste less of their time, it will make life for everybody less stressful.
  5. Why Should They Trust You? It’s very helpful if you think about this in advance. If you’re currently working on something similar and you’re going to set up a conscious enterprise, it might be a good time to get testimonials from the people you’re already working with, because that will help people to know why they can trust you. If you haven’t got testimonials or can’t get them, then you might think about giving a money back guarantee for your products or services.

Now, in my next post I will tell you about Step Two in the Seven Step Process Of Creating A Conscious Enterprise, which is Harnessing the Power of Simplicity, and simplicity brings real power.

I look forward to connecting with you then.

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