If you haven't got a TEAM, you haven't got a BUSINESS, you've merely got a JOB!

There’s no such thing as a one-man business. It’s a one-man job.

This was something that I discovered over 35 years ago when I first went freelance. If I was going to succeed in business, I would need a team, because if I didn’t have a team, I wouldn’t have a business, I would merely have a job several jobs in fact.

Now, just having a job is fine, there is no problem with that at all. Lots of people do it and they are just as worthy as people who run businesses.

But, if you have a strong vision and an important message that you want to take to the world, then you won’t have the skills to do so alone. No one person has all of the required skills (or the time) to do all that is required. I know, I’ve tried it and I’ve met lots of other people who I’ve mentored over the years who have tried it. Building your dream team is a vitally empowering step in taking your vision to the world.

This is why I have this as Step 3 in my Seven Step Process for building a winning, conscious enterprise. Step 1 was all about Creating Your Vision. Step 2 was Harnessing the Power of Simplicity. Step 3 is the way we are able to grow and deliver our vision.
Seven Step Process for building a winning conscious business.
The diagram above shows all the steps in my Seven Step Process for building a WINNING Conscious business.

Turning a Job Into a Business

It is by building a team that you turn a job into a business. But jut how do you go about building your dream team? It actually all started with Step 1 when you created your Vision because when you create a Vision and hold it with passionate energy, you just don’t hold it and keep it to yourself. You have got to share that Vision.

You could share it with friends, friends you trust. You can’t share it with all friends because many won’t understand, so share it with friends you trust.

You can share it with positive people on Social Media and, when you start putting that positive energy out about your Vision, you will begin to attract people who would want to know more, and who, if you were to start a business, would like to work with you.

As I said, you started the ball rolling for building your dream team already with Step 1.

Then comes Step 2, which is all about Harnessing the Power of Simplicity, which means removing complexity. This, again, is a vital step in building your dream team, because having sent out your Vision with energy, and having attracted people with that energy, if they then come and look at the way you do things, and everything is messy, complex, higgledy-piggledy they won’t want to work with you.

A lot of people make the mistake to think that clever people can cope with complexity. The fact is clever people know that complexity is wrong, They know that the cleverest way to do something is the simplest way.

When you remove complexity, and people do come along and they can see how simply and elegantly things are done, that it’s aligned with your Vision, they will more than ever want to work with you.

Now, we come to Step 3 which is really all about asking yourself questions.

The first question is, can you let go? So, you have your business, you created it, can you let go? A universal problem is that when we have created a business, we see it as our baby, and we want to make sure it is properly nurtured and gets off to a good start. The problem arises when we want to go on parenting our business. We then become like parents who want to parent their child all the time, way past when it is healthy do so.  The child will never grow and will never be able to stand on it own as a healthy adult.

You’ve got to stop and let your business grow and release it. Your business has to become bigger than you.

You have to let go. Then, you need to ask yourself, what can you let go of? What are you going to let go of first? Who should you hire first?

Then, should you have a team that’s on the ground, or on the web? Now, you notice I don’t refer to a virtual team because there’s no such thing as a virtual team in my thinking. All of the members of your team are real people. They’re not virtual, they’re real.

I feel that this language is important because it puts out a different energy. If you treat each member of your team as a real person in a real team, whether they’re just on the ground or on the web, it creates a whole new, much more energetic, relationship between them and you.

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