Embracing the Power of your Brand – It's MORE than a NAME & LOGO!

Your BRAND is much, much more than just a Logo and a Name. In fact, your brand, encapsulates everything about your business.

Your Brand says everything about your business. To begin with, it will say who you work with; who your ideal customers are.

Do you work with young people, aged 18 to 30 or with older people who are retiring?

Do you work with adventurous people who want to travel or do you work with people who love to stay at home?

Do you work with people who want to improve their health or to have new adventures?

Your brand will embrace all of this.

The next thing your brand will tell the world about you is what products and services you offer.

Are you known for offering adventure holidays? Are you known for offering training? Are you known for creating beautiful art? Are you known for creating jewellery or music?

You Brand will also portray your values and your standards.

Are you into providing really high class, really expensive jewellery or art or are you into providing affordable accommodation in urban centres. Neither of these would make your Brand good or bad. They just say what your brand is about and the market to which you would appeal. Your brand tells people what this is.

The next thing your Brand includes is your ethos and this is all about how you interact with the world and with your ideal7 Steps Process to create your dream enterprise client.

This encapsulates your vision. It says how you go about fulfilling your vision and how you care about your customers.

Do you treat everybody with gentleness or is your ethos one about being more assertive because you think that’s the best way to carry your message to the world. It could be that you believe that the change you want to make in the world is better served by an assertive, rather than passive, ethos.

Knowing your ethos is very important to your brand because it lets your clients know exactly what your ethos is, so they come to respect you for that. But it also tells your team what it is, so as they will be able to buy into it and deliver it to your clients.

And, finally, your brand is your Name and your Logo, which simply encapsulate all the other aspects I talked about. Your Name and your Logo are your brand’s snapshot, your brand Thumbnail, a shorthand way of telling your story to the world.

Think of any famous brand you know. As soon as you hear their name or see their logo you’ll know exactly what they do and what they stand for. Their name and logo immediately call to mind all aspects of their business. Think of Coca Cola or Virgin Airlines, Club 18 to 30, Versace, etc. With all such enterprises, the Name and the Logo tell you so much more.

Your Brand is much more than your Name and your Logo! However, your Name and your Logo encapsulate all that your Brand is! If you haven’t got all the other aspects that I discussed above, then there is nothing for your name and logo to encapsulate!!!

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