Corporate Training

If you are a larger enterprise or corporation then you can also take advantage of the expert skills and experience of the JOI team.
Once we have spoken to you to establish exactly what your needs are, we can custom build training bpackagesb or bbundlesb suitable for either individuals or teams in your enterprise.
We can run this training on-site or off-site, in person or over Skype, on a one-off or on-going basis.
Just talk to us about what it is that you want to achieve, with whom and by when and we will build and deliver a fully integrated solution that will deliver exactly what you need.

The Process

The very first thing we do with when our clients require us to build a corporate training package is to have a free 45 minute Skype call with the relevant C-Level executive in order to establish the following:

  • a) Would we like working with you and would you like working with us?
  • b) What are the core values of your business and do they align with ours?
  • c) What is your vision for this corporate training?
  • d) What training is required and for whom?
  • e) How can we best help you bring your vision into being?

a) We firmly believe that our time working together should be as enjoyable and productive as possible for both parties. So, if for whatever reason, either of us finds that there is no resonance or connection between us during the Skype call, then we simply say so and amicably end the call.
b) Our experience has shown that in order for us to fully help our clients achieve their vision, our core values need to align with theirs. For example, if a client has core values that say it is OK to do all of their manufacturing in sweat shops in a Third World country, then we would be unable to work with them as this does not align at all with our core values.
c) In order for us to know if we can help you, we need to know what your vision for your business is; where you want to take it; how big you want to make it and in what timescale.
d) It is important that we have a clear picture of what type of employees you want trained and in what business areas, the type of training you require, what you see the training achieving for the trainees themselves and for the enterprise as a whole.
e) Once we know what your vision and what the type of training you require, we can then select the most appropriate type/bundle of services and products that will enable us to deliver exactly what you require and enable you to turn your passion for training into profit.
To find out more contact the JOI Team:

  • Phone: +64 (0)3 669 3390
  • Email:

We look forward to working with you soon.

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