Flash Mentoring Session

Flash mentoring/coaching is the ideal way for you to get expert input to help you resolve a personal or business challenge quickly, without the need to commit to an on-going programme.

One-to-one sessions are for the serious business professional or organizational leader who would like the power of a second pair of eyes and independent input to help them find a solution to a current challenge. As a business savvy individual, you’d agree that:

  • ONE properly implemented idea in business is all that’s needed to elevate your enterprise to the next level.
  • ONE simple, elegant solution can resolve complex problems or pressing issues that are holding your business back, in performance, profit, market impact, etc.

During this session, I’ll personally help you develop a new perspective on an existing business challenge and enable you to arrive at a powerful solution.

I find a little outside perspective from an inspired thinker enables individuals to think outside the box and arrive at elegant, powerful solutions to what were seemingly intractable problems (this is one of the reasons that I use mentors myself).

As Einstein so cleverly put it, “We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking that we used when we created them”.

This session will enable you look with a completely new perspective, reset your terms of reference, suspend your preconceptions and leverage my expertise, experience and networks to arrive at an innovative solution.

After our one hour session, if we both find that we can work on a more long-term basis, I will personally design a scope of services tailored to suit your business needs.

Note: This is a full one hour power-packed session, with all straight talk, and solely focused on improving your business, no sales pitches, no interruptions. It’s all about getting your challenge resolved and achieving real business results!

Here’s how it works:

  • Process an electronic payment of $550
  • You fill out the application form, which will help frame the focus of our One to One call.
  • My team will advise you of the next available consultation window.
  • The call will be digitally recorded and you will be given a copy (mp3), so you don’t need to take notes, you can just focus on the discussion.
  • The call will be uninterrupted, and full attention will be given to you and your challenge.

I’ll also help remove the risk for you:

  • If after assessing your application, I find your business is outside of my expertise, I will politely decline and do my best to recommend other more appropriate resources to you. A full refund will be made to you.
  • If at any point in the first 15 minutes, you do not feel that it’s value for money, you can just tell me, ‘No more thanks John’, and the consultation will be free. Of course, after 15 minutes, you will have to commit for the full hour.

It’s really a win-win for you.

To Register or Inquire contact the JOI Team:

  • Phone: +6 (0)3 669 3390
  • Email: support@jo-international.com

I look forward to working with you soon.

Kind regards,
John Owens

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