Inspirational Mentoring for CEOs

How would you like to grow your business without limits, lead a dream team, have an amazing life work / balance and leave a fantastic legacy?

My Business Freedom Formula will enable you to do precisely this!

Learn more about how the Business Freedom formula can work for you as a CEOThe role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in any business, big or small, carries a unique set of responsibilities.

Wedged between the Board of Directors on one side and the executive team on the other, the life of a CEO might sometimes feel lonely.

As CEO, who do you turn to when you need advice or help?

Every successful CEO should have a coach or mentor to whom they can turn in both good and bad times.

So why do so few CEOs have one?  Is it because as a CEO you are supposed to have all the answers and that asking for help might be perceived as a weakness  a suggestion that you are not up to the task?

“Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising business person and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind” – Sir Richard Branson.

Exclusive Business Mentoring Program

My exclusive (limited to 12 per year) One-to-One CEO mentoring program will help you realize just the reverse of this; how asking for help is an essential strength for every successful CEO. No top-class sportsperson has ever made it to the top without a first-class coach or mentor. No sane one would ever consider doing so. The same is true for every successful CEO.

Our work together will not only introduce you to really powerful techniques that are key to your success as a CEO, it will also help you realise just how much you already know, how many attributes and strengths you already have within you and enable you to bring these to the surface.

It will also provide with the means to develop entirely new perspectives on your business. These will enable you to look at all business and personal challenges in completely innovative ways that not just make challenges easier to solve, they very often make them disappear.

It will help you develop into an enlightened and authentic business leader completely congruent with your core values; it will not turn you into a corporatized clone.

But my mentoring is not just about the CEO part of you, it also about the person part of you. Every CEO is more that just the job. They are a person first and then a CEO. Our work together will be about all of you. This ensures that whatever challenges you face professionally you will be able to face and overcome, as you will have found and embraced your core strength as a person.

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We will cover, among many other things, how to:

  • Bring the power of my Business Freedom Formula (Structure – Growth – Freedom) to the heart of your business.
  • Turn governance structures from a bureaucratic millstone to a powerful management tool.
  • Fully involve your team without losing control: avoiding management by committee.
  • Embed the Power of Simplicity in all areas of your business.
  • Legitimately tell the Board to mind its own business.
  • Build the dream team.
  • Successfully take the enterprise to a whole new level.
  • Achieve and maintain an amazing life/work balance.
  • Build and leave an amazing legacy.
  • … and much, much more.

How high you rise is entirely up to you. You tell me where you want to get to and I will help you get there.

Click here if you want to know how to bring the power of my Business Success Formula (Structure – Growth – Freedom) to the heart of your business.

Avoid Risk

It is important that you feel 100% confident that I can deliver on my promises before you start working with me. For this reason, I take the following approach.

Read Our Testimonials

First, I invite you to read the testimonials given by satisfied clients and see what they say about our ability my deliver.  You can find them by clicking here

FREE Exploratory On-Line Session

Second, before we commit to working together I will arrange to have a free 30-minute online exploratory session with you in order for us to find out the following:

  • How good a fit are we? Would I like working with you and would you like working with me?
  • Assess where you are currently and where you want to be.
  • Assess and fully understand the challenges you are facing and the outcomes you desire.
  • Chose and agree the most effective options for me to work with you going forward.
  • What the next step should be in order to get your journey started.

I firmly believe that our time working together should be as enjoyable and productive as possible for both parties. So, if for whatever reason, either of us finds that there is no resonance or connection between us during this exploratory online session, then we simply say so and amicably end the call.

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