Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur your mind will be forever firing with ideas about exciting new products and services that people would love to own and use.

One of the biggest challenges you will face is turning your amazing ideas into a successful business. Because this step can be difficult to make without help from someone who has gone before, many entrepreneurs fail to make it in business and their ideas, no matter how innovative and brilliant, never see the light of day.

Working with a JOI Mentor will a) help you avoid the most common mistakes that sink entrepreneurs and b) share with you brilliant ideas and techniques that have been used by many successful multi-million dollar entrepreneurs that have gone before you.

Although this mentoring will definitely help you build a successful business, it is not just about the dollars. It is also about enabling you to live the life of your dreams; about working in your passion and doing every day what you love doing and getting handsomely paid for doing so!

But how do you go about this? How do you turn your passion into a profitable business?

It might mean stepping out of a salaried role and taking a step into the unknown.

At JOI we have all the expertise and practical experience to shine a light into the darkness of the unknown and help you minimise the risk of following your dream by sharing with you high performance rules and practices that are the basis of all successful businesses.

We will work with you to help you build a sound business foundation and adopt key thinking methods that are essential for your business to be a success.
We will show you how to define and clarify:

  • Who you want to work with.
  • What you do for them.
  • How you do it.
  • How you do it better than anyone else.
  • Why they should trust you.

Once we have done all of the above, we will then work with you to:

  • Identify ways to get you in front of your ideal clients.
  • Define and build products that will truly fulfil their needs.
  • Let your ideal clients know they can start working with you and make it painless for them to do so.
  • If necessary, help you find ways to transition out of a full-time salaried position into being the fully engaged CEO of your own, exciting business.

Book a FREE, no obligation, Exploratory Session to find out which of our tailored services is ideally suited to you.

If you are already up and running in business, our mentoring will help you take your business to a whole new level.

Our mentoring is not just a theoretical training course. Each session is specifically targeted to meet your needs on that day, which could be:

  • Helping you overcome your most immediate challenges.
  • Adding another skill to your repertoire.
  • Planning your latest project for new a product or service.
  • Solving a personal problem.
  • Anything else that you might need help with.

We will cover a wide range of areas that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Addressing immediate day-to-day challenges, both business and personal.
  • Finding the passion in your role.
  • Knowing how your personal profile can enable you to work in your flow.
  • Effective business strategy and planning.
  • Building your dream team.
  • Optimising business process.
  • The secrets of effective business transformation and painless change management.
  • The power of Project thinking.
  • The Power of Simplicity.
  • The power of information and data quality.
  • The power of effective corporate/company structures.
  • The power of good communication.
  • The power of good customer experience.
  • Building high customer retention.
  • Building meaningful budgets with minimum effort.
  • How there is no place for husbands and wives in business this is really empowering if you are in business with your partner.
  • How Owners and Directors have NO role in the business. This is of the most empowering concepts to get your head around if you are in a family business.
  • Overcoming negative corporate culture challenges.
  • Harnessing the power of good IT.
  • Avoiding the sinkhole of bad IT.

And much, much more.

Book a FREE, no obligation, Exploratory Session to find out which of our tailored services is ideally suited to you.

Risk Free

We know that it is important you feel 100% confident we can deliver on our promises before you start working with us. For this reason we take the following three-stage approach.

Read Our Testimonials

Before you start working with us, we invite you to read our testimonials and see what our clients say about our ability to deliver. You can find them here.

FREE Exploratory Skype Call

We will arrange to have a free 30 minute online exploratory session with you in order for us to find out the following:

  • Would we like working with you and would you like working with us?We firmly believe that our time working together should be as productive and enjoyable as possible for both parties. So, if for whatever reason, either of us finds that there is no resonance or connection between us during this exploratory online session, then we simply say so and amicably end the call.
  • Assess where you are currently and where you want to be.
  • Assess and fully understand the challenges you are facing and the outcomes you desire.
  • Chose the most effective options for us to work with you going forward.

Book a FREE, no obligation, Exploratory Session to find out which of our tailored services is ideally suited to you.

Risk Free Cancellation

All mentoring packages can be cancelled during the very first mentoring session.

If, at any time during the first 30 minutes of our first mentoring session, either of us feels that we are not suited to work together, then we will stop the session and JOI will cancel your package and refund in full any deposit that you have paid.

If the session goes beyond the first 30 minutes, then the package must run for the agreed period, at which point you can terminate it if you feel that it is not delivering what you want.

This very rarely happens.

Book a FREE, no obligation, Exploratory Session to find out which of our tailored services is ideally suited to you.