Our Founders

John Owens International (JOI) was founded jointly by John Owens and Pam Walton when they brought together their successful existing consultancies under a single international banner.

Between them, John & Pam have over 60 years international business experience working with enterprises of all types and sizes on both sides of the Globe.

John Owens

John OwensJohn has an international reputation as an inspirational and transformational writer, speaker, coach and mentor. He is passionate about helping people to find and identify what it is that they love doing most, what they are passionate about! He then helps them to build and expand businesses that turn their passion into profits, enabling them to live the life of their dreams.

He has worked with businesses of all sizes from mom-and-pop enterprises to multibillion-dollar multi-national corporations in a wide range of industries across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

John has the rare gift of being able to identify the underlying simplicity in any business of any size and any type, even when it is shrouded in complexity and to bring it to the surface. He is a master at bringing simplicity and clarity, making people’s lives easier and their businesses more profitable.

He is renowned for his ability to coach and mentor both technical and non-technical people at all levels. He regularly writes and blogs on a broad range of inspirational subjects both in his own blog and as a guest writer.

Pam Walton

pam portrait v02Pam is a passionate and inspirational consultant who has a great connection with people plus an eye for detail. She is a qualified educator who has worked as a business consultant, coach and mentor in the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Her clients have included businesses of all sizes from small private enterprises to multi-nationals.

Pam has a broad diversity of skills that she practices at the highest level with which she is able to help enterprises and individuals:

  • Identify and connect with their Passion and Purpose
  • Refine their identity and brand.
  • Effectively structure themselves for maximum effectiveness.
  • Streamline their operations.
  • Embrace the Power of Simplicity.
  • Recruit the right staff into the right positions.
  • Have each member of the business perform to their strengths.
  • Help build trust in each team within the business.

A Shared Passion

Pam and John are passionate about enabling people get the most out of their jobs, their businesses and, even more importantly, the most out of their lives and have made this the Passion and Purpose for JOI.

Because of this, they are constantly in pursuit of new learning, new knowledge and new ways of looking at and doing things in business, family, home and life.

They spend a great deal of their time researching and learning in their two most favourite ways, which are reading and travelling.

Global Team

Although the Passion and Purpose of JOI is defined by Pam & John, they know that they cannot effectively deliver the JOI promise alone.

This is why they have practiced what they preach and have built a highly skilled virtual team around them to ensure that JOI clients, no matter where they are, will always have access to a team member with the appropriate skills and expertise to help them resolve any queries.

When building this team Pam & John followed another of their core beliefs, which is that everyone, every day, should be doing things that inspire them and about which they are passionate; everyone should be living in their flow.

They knew from their work with multi-millionaire entrepreneur Roger Hamilton and Talent Dynamics, that people’s profiles meant that there are tasks and activities at which people will excel (those about which they are passionate and inspired) and things at which they will never be good, things that do not inspire or motivate them.

So, when it came to building the JOI team, Pam & John made sure that they enlisted people with profiles that matched the type of work that they would be required to do, thus ensuring that everyone would be working in their flow and performing at the very highest level for JOI clients.

Having such a properly balanced team also allows Pam & John to always live and work in their own flow.

A Lifetime Process

Their passion to enable people to get the most out of their business and lives spans over 30 years.

John became involved with the world of computing over 30 years ago when he realised how powerful it could be in enhancing peoples experience at work. He has built an international reputation as a consultant, mentor and writer in this field.

Pam was a qualified educator in Information Technology in the UK for many years. She then expanded her expertise into the area of business analysis and ran a business with John providing cutting edge consultancy in business simplification, to major corporations in areas as diverse as rail, utilities, finance, etc.

In 2003 John and Pam moved to New Zealand where they together established businesses in consultancy, tourism, accommodation and property.

Throughout this period they continued to expand their knowledge and wisdom, working with leading entrepreneurs.

One area in which they saw real potential was how powerful proper structures are for small businesses who really want to grow.

Having studied this in depth, they ghost wrote a book on the subject with a South African entrepreneur.


Although Pam and John are both experts in business structure and systems, they know that there is far more to business success than this. Being spiritually conscious people, they know that the real drivers of fulfillment in business success are Passion and Purpose. Without these two essential elements business success will be very hard to achieve and, even it you do achieve it, it will definitely not fulfill you spiritually.

For this reason, they continue to learn from the most conscious thought leaders and mentors and have worked with or read the writings of such people as John Demartini, Jeffrey Slayter, Sir Richard Branson, Kane Minkus, Eckhart Tolle, Donald Neal Walsch, Cheryl Strayed, Oprah Winfrey, Napoleon Hill, Roger Hamilton, and many more.


Although John & Pam are passionate about their work, they also passionate about life and play. The way they organise their lives enables them to combine these things beautifully. Having clients around the world they can combine travel with visits to clients and, when they are travelling, stay in touch with clients through Skype, which is the ideal way of having a truly international client base.