Over the years we have developed and delivered very many different services to enterprises of all sizes and types on both sides of the globe. In dong this we have learned what works, what doesn’t work and what excels!

So, what we did was to boil down all of our services into just four main groups that we will meet 95% of the needs of all of our clients, both big and small.
These are:

The very first thing we do with all prospective clients is to have a free 30 minute Skype call in order for us to establish the following:

  • Would we like working with you and would you like working with us?
  • What are the core values of your business and do they align with ours?
  • What is your vision for your business?
  • How can we best help you bring your vision into being?

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Flash mentoring/coaching is the ideal way for you to get expert input to help you resolve a personal or business challenge quickly, without the need to commit to an on-going programme.

  • One-to-one sessions are for the serious business professional or organizational leader who would like the power of a second pair of eyes and independent input to help them find a solution to a current challenge. As a business savvy individual, youbd agree that:
  • ONE properly implemented idea in business is all thatbs needed to elevate your enterprise to the next level.
  • ONE simple, elegant solution can resolve complex problems or pressing issues that are holding your business back, in performance, profit, market impact, etc.

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Our mentoring programme is designed for those entrepreneurs and C-level executives who want to really connect with their passion for their business.

Passion is not merely and emotion. This mentoring programme is all about harnessing and directing that passion to turn it to an Enterprise Super Fuel.

This programme gives them the refined management skills, abilities and practices to enable them to bring about a real transformation in themselves, their teams and enterprise and turn their passion into profits.

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If you are a larger enterprise or corporation then you can also take advantage of the expert skills and experience of the JOI team.

Once we have spoken to you to establish exactly what your needs are, we can custom build training comprehensive packages or bundles of training, coaching and mentoring suitable for either individuals or teams in your enterprise.

We can run this training on-site or off-site, in person or over Skype, on a one-off or on-going basis.

Just talk to us about what it is that you want to achieve, with whom and by when and we will build and deliver a fully integrated solution that will deliver exactly what you need.

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